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Welcome to the Resolve Blog.

You can learn about the dynamics of decision-making and thinking here as The Resolve Blog is focused on helping you to make better decisions.

Every day, you make approx. 35,000 decisions. From walking to listening, to assessing our surroundings, we don’t stop making decisions. Your basic goal is to survive and live safely. As a result, you’ve developed a brain capable of thinking and reacting intuitively to these types of situations.

There is a downside to this intuitive behaviour.

Your brain thinks it can use the same approach to making choices – even when the situation is unknown. Intuition allows the creep of cognitive biases, emotion, and external influences to blindside you when deciding.

The Resolve Blog is here to help you overcome the downside of our intuitive approach. Articles within the distinct themes of decision-making and thinking drill down to highlight different ways to help you make better decisions. 

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