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Helping You Master the Art of Decision Making

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The Resolve Blog

The Resolve Blog is here to help you master your decisions.

You make thousands of decisions every day, most of which you are unaware of. But throughout your life, you will face decisions that need deeper consideration than your intuition.

And that’s the purpose of The Resolve Blog — to help you think beyond your intuition.

In an uncertain world, big decisions need more than your past experiences to help you decide. The Resolve Blog will bring you concepts to help you make better decisions.

In a new — and growing website, I will help you learn the critical skills I didn’t.

· The power of critical thinking.
· The good and the bad of cognitive biases.
· Foundational mental models that make thinking more efficient.
· Books reviews with vital lessons on thinking and decision-making.
· Decision-making concepts and skills to help you get better outcomes.

Visit the topics below to help you make better decisions.


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Improve the quality of Your Decision-Making

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It will help you:

• Slow down your decision-making
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• Teach yourself new ways to make decisions

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