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Master Your
Decision Making

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Founder of The Resolve Blog — Darren Matthews

Hi — I’m Darren Matthews.
As the founder of The Resolve Blog, I have one mission — to help you master your decisions.

At some point in my late thirties, the penny dropped.

My decisions defined me.

So why did I keep making bad decisions?

I found myself on the wrong side of the outcomes I thought I had chosen.

In truth, I made my choices and created consequences I hadn’t even considered.

Out of work and feeling defeated, I wanted to understand what I’d done wrong.

Reflecting, I realised I wasn’t alone.

Decision-making isn’t a skill they teach at school.It’s a topic overlooked — even though it impacts us all.

So, I set out to learn — and then share my learnings with you.

That's my goal — to help you master your decisions.
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