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Making decisions is hard.
We make it easier.

Hi, I’m Darren Matthews.

I’ve been writing at about decision making, critical thinking, mental models, and cognitive biases since 2020.

I write to share my learnings to help others improve the way they decide. I’m the creator of the Notion Decision Journal Template which provides a better way to make decisions.

I also send the One Weekly Decision newsletter, which helps you improve your life, one decision at a time. Click here to learn more and sign up.

You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.
Founder of The Resolve Blog
• Decision and strategy coach
• Creator of the One Weekly Decision newsletter

How I Will Help You Improve Your Decision-Making

Like you, I have benefited and suffered from the decisions I’ve made.

The curiosity within me forces me to ask a simple question. “Why do we make the decisions we do?” This question often pushes us to confront an area we know little about, our brains. I’m not interested in how our minds work. I want to understand what pushes us to act without thought, or, at the other extreme, overthink decisions into paralysis.

Over the twenty-five of my working life, I’ve observed managers and business owners make big decisions, small decisions, and create strategies for others. I’ve been involved at the heart of some of those choices and made some myself.

Overtime, I have studied, reflected, and practiced what I’ve learnt. Now, I share those insights through the articles you will find on here.

My writing concentrates on topics like…

- How to make good decisions and avoid bad ones
- How to use critical thinking to improve the quality of your choices
- How to see cognitive biases manifest themselves in the way we decide
- How to use mental models to help you understand
- How to use rules to make deciding easier

Mostly, I write about the practical ways you can use these ideas in your everyday life. I should warn you; I don’t have all the answers. But what I try to do is take what I’ve learnt, and what others have learnt and consolidate them into tools and ideas that might inspire you to improve the quality of your decisions.

You can start by reading my articles.

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