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Hi, I'm Darren. I know making decisions is hard.
I want to make it
easier for you.

Darren Matthews — the founder of The Resolve Blog
My back story
“Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.”

I lived in ignorance of this quote for a long time. For years, I made decisions without understanding what I was doing. I made choices in the heat of the moment, or with little thought to the consequences that might follow. Needless to say, I paid a heavy price for such ignorance.

So, for the last ten years, I’ve been reading, practising, and reflecting on how to make better decisions. I, along with my wife and kids moved to a home in North Wales to give me the space to develop my knowledge.

Now I run The Resolve Blog, a business that teaches decision-makers how to think, assess, develop, and improve the decision-making skills they already have.

When I not working on my business, I’m looking after my wife and five cats on the Lyn Peninsula in North Wales.

I write about four topics to help you master your decisions

Decision-Making Insights

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Insights to help you improve the choices you make.

Decision-Making Challenges

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Learn about the challenges you will face when deciding.

Decision-Making Skills

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Skills to help you make decisions the right way.

Decision-Making Models

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Learn new ways to improve your decision-making.

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