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My Story

Hi, I’m Darren — the mind behind The Resolve Blog.

For over forty years, I have sometimes benefited — but mostly suffered from the decisions I’ve made.

My annoyance at having made some extremely poor decisions was only offset by a curiosity to understand why. Why did I do some of the things I did? What gave me the false belief my choices were the right ones?

The answers weren’t clear.

As I reflected, I could see my choices stemmed from a badly thought through logic. An impulsive urge to act came with a belief that everything would be all right, even when logic told me otherwise. The need for a solution ignored any argument of what the consequences might be.

I couldn’t make sense of why.

Different decisions failed me again but ignited a desire to accept I had to do better.

I needed to understand why. There was an urgent need to stop adding to the pile of poor decisions.

And so, in the summer of 2020, I began to read — and then write. In truth, I had been writing via Medium for four years, but my ramblings covered all sorts of topics. Now, with a focus on decision-making, I felt a dedicated portal to view my learnings could help others. And so, The Resolve Blog was born. A website designed to help me — and others make better decisions.

With it came an opportunity for me to learn.

My reading focused initially on one subject — decision-making. But, as I was soon to realise, decision-making is much deeper than the process of choosing.

Mental models, cognitive biases, and critical thinking all surfaced as topics I didn’t fully understand. It transpires I’m not alone, but here is the best of what I — and others have worked out.

Welcome to The Resolve Blog.