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The Resolve Blog has one goal: to help you make better decisions.

As often happens with humanity, we look to simplify the complex, and decision-making is no different. We all make decisions every day, often without fully understanding how we decided what to do – or why.

This means we make bad decisions.

We act with haste and then, ignore the potential consequences. I’ve seen this happen repeatedly to myself and others. In my own life, I’ve been a victim of my flawed approach to making decisions. The outcome on many occasions has been disastrous.

The pain of being on the end of bad outcomes has led me to create The Resolve Blog. Within these pages, I will map out decision-making as it affects both individuals and businesses. For each of us personally, this means looking at our biases, our assumptions, and getting past them to make better decisions.

In business, the stakes are different. Strategy, leadership, and problem solving come into play. Using my experience, I will look to offer some valuable insights into these areas.

About the Resolve Blog Writer – Darren Matthews


I’m Darren Matthews, and I’m the one behind the words of The Resolve Blog. My vision is to provide you with a website where you can learn to improve the way you make decisions. I’ve spent more than twenty years working in businesses, from sales to management through to owning a business.

I believe in playing the long game. A strategy is a game of patience and great skill. Practised poorly, and the impact on a business is terrible.  On a personal level, it can be equally destructive. Having learnt the hard way, I now write to help others avoid the pitfalls I fell into.

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