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How Will You Feel About This Decision Six Months from Now?

January 27, 2021
• Updated
March 31, 2023
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Time passing like sand in this hourglass.

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You’re faced with a big decision, one which changes everything, and you don’t know what to do. Stuck, you become consumed with indecision. Rather than risk making the wrong choice, it’s easier to stay as you are, living in the status quo.

Hindsight will tell you you’ve made the wrong call. Hindsight will show you what you’ve missed by doing nothing. There is no denying it, we could all do with a crystal ball to help us see what hindsight will tell us in the future.

But we all have one unique power: our imaginations.

Six months from now

Imagine yourself six months from now  - now you can see an unfamiliar perspective. It might be summer, or winter – who knows. Imagine you opted to make the decision and step into a new future. The outcome you dreamt of; it’s here with happiness in abundance.

But equally, you can imagine a life where you didn’t move. You stood still. Six months on, the regret might be palpable. Or maybe, the opportunity wasn’t quite the rose garden it appeared to be.

Perspective shifts are significant ways to rethink your decisions. It doesn’t have to be six months; it could be six weeks or six years. What matters is that you’re no longer thinking about now, but the future. By picturing the outcome of your decision in the future, you might be able to see downsides - or upsides previously unseen.

The question is how will you feel about this decision six months from now?

Critical Thinking

This question is another critical thinking question. It is part of the guide to using critical thinking questions to improve your decisions.

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