Do You Know How Important Decision Making Should Be to You?

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It’s scary how most likely you don’t know how important decision making is.

You might be thinking I’m talking about big decisions when I say important decision making. To be clear, I’m not. All your decisions should be important to you.

When you think about it, there isn’t a lot we control.

But a decision is one thing we do control. We have the choice in our hands. It is an incredible power, but one most of us spend our lives wasting.

It’s a regret many of us carry—including me.

You see, decisions define us.

From big decisions to seemingly small ones. Each one provides us with a moment of influence on our futures. One we control.

There is sad irony though.

Despite a decision's importance, we still let ourselves lose control despite the opportunity they offer. We concede control of our decisions.

This loss of control happens too often.

Why do we give up control—even when, deep down, we know how important decision making is?

It’s because we’ve forgotten how important decisions should be to us.

What happened when I forgot how important decision making was.

All the times I thought I was in control, I wasn’t.

It was the biggest deal the company had ever done—and I’d closed it. The pop of the champagne cork made some jump, but not me. I was in control. I had won.

Or so I thought.

The big deal had come at a cost. Many smaller customers and their potential orders fell to the side as I invested all my time in closing this one big deal. The smile on my manager's face when the corked pop hid the truth from me.

Yes, the size was good, but the profit wasn’t.

As a new business, profit really was critical to stay afloat. I knew it—my commission came from it.

The other sales guys knew it—and played to it. I didn’t and despite the stunning deal, a month later I took to the office for a ‘review’.

I made the wrong decision.

I chased the wrong deal, and compliancy—the comfort of thinking I was in control cost me my job.

I’d forgotten just how important decision making is.

Your Decisions Are Yours

It was a decision I didn’t pay that much attention to.

And that’s the point.

I knew the rules. I had the incentive. But I ignored what I knew to be true and chased the glory of a big deal.

And it cost me.

You see, even when you’re in control, your motives, your biases and your intuition drive you to do things you shouldn’t.

Importance sits proud, like a lighthouse on a cliff.

But as navigators sometimes do, they ignore the warning that is always there. We do the same. We ignore the opportunity.

Yes, a decision is important, but it is important for the opportunity it offers. If you don’t grasp how important decision making is, you’ll fail to seize opportunities. Your most important decisions will end up being made by someone else.

Your decisions are yours.

Unless you are well-practised in good decision-making, you need to slow down. Until it’s trained, your intuition will make decisions based on motives that aren’t applicable in our times.

It’s why you have to slow down. It’s why you need to pause and think about the choices ahead. Get perspectives from others. Question your assumptions.

These behaviours all offer you the opportunity for control. It’s important because no one else will think about you when they decide. Only you can do that.

It’s why you need to know just how important decision making really is.

Image credit: Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash

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