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Start Today; Don't Live with the Pain of Regret You Didn't Start

April 18, 2021
• Updated
April 13, 2023
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A runner waiting to start today.

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Start today.

It’s your only instruction. The only rule you need to follow, the only decision you need to make is to start today. Just as the sun rises and the dawn chorus of birdsong fills the silence from the night every day, so you need to do the same.

For years I craved peace.

I yearned for solitude from the noise of the town. No longer did I want to hear the roar from the bus as the diesel engine coughed into life, ready to carry its passengers along. No longer could I cope with walking past the smoking teenagers by the shop. The haze of smoke drew a cough, making the gang laugh as I made my way past them.

For years, the white noise of life engulfed me. I couldn’t think; hell, at times I couldn’t breathe.

Some life goals brought about a dream. What would I want to be doing ten years from now?

Peace, it's all I wanted.

How would we make it happen? I had a wife and two kids to think of too. They wanted what I wanted and then the penny dropped. The bolt of lightning struck the earth as it became clear what I needed to do.

Start today.

Two years was all it took. From the ambition of a life goal and the realisation that all I needed to do was begin. Two years on and I’m living in the countryside, calm, and with a mind recharged by my environment.

If you don’t start today, your only regret will be that you didn’t.

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