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Synthesis: The Great (And Much Needed) Re-Bundling Of Information


At the beginning of the year, the word synthesis was not front of mind. As the end of 2021 charges towards us with frightening speed, it is now foremost in my thoughts.

Why does such a thought occupy me?

As the writer for The Resolve Blog, my goal is to help people make better decisions. I’m on a constant quest to learn by both increasing— and improving the knowledge base I work with. Information overload is a hazard of the job. My problem is trying to filter the ever-increasing volume of articles, posts, videos and podcasts. This doesn’t even include the historical pieces of information I could and should be pulling from.

I spend my days consuming this overwhelming flood of information, and I know I'm drowning.

Yes, I curate what I read, bookmarking articles into Pocket, before cherry-picking the best ones into Notion for further consumption. It’s messy, slow, and left me questioning whether I’m learning or not.

A deep dive into my 2021 consumption reveals the extent of my problem.

81 podcasts, 12 books and 200 plus articles and a few videos. Then there is the ongoing feed of tweets I see every day. The terrible truth is I couldn’t name one of them, let alone share some specific knowledge I’ve distinguished from them.

I’m not alone.

My attempt at curation is nothing but a blocked filter.

A review of my notion hotlist shows a list of articles still waiting to be reread from my decision to save them for later. Yes, even this process isn’t working for me.

A moment to pause and reflect brings the following questions:

  • Why is there a glut of information?
  • How do I stem the tide, thus ensuring I get value from it?
  • What can I do to help?

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Founder, The Resolve Blog

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