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1. New for you…

Uncertainty: Why It Affects Our Decisions More Than We Think

Uncertainty haunts every decision-maker.

In truth, it is as Marty Rubin says: "We're all bewildered, but most bewildered of all are those who think they know the truth."

Uncertainty doesn't just bewilder us, it terrifies us. As a result, we deny it, we lie about it, and we bluff our way through it. In fact, we will do almost anything to avoid having to accept the future is uncertain.

Our behaviour makes it all much worse.

When we discover uncertainty, we cannot help but notice it. We push it to the forefront of our minds and we become overwhelmed by the possibilities and implications of not knowing.

As a result, our decision-making process becomes greatly influenced by this uncertainty. We change our behaviour, our choices and even our own beliefs in an attempt to fill in the gaps.

Our responses are rarely positive ones.

Given our knowledge of uncertainty, why does it affect our decisions more than we think — and more importantly, what can we do about it?

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2. Articles you might have missed

Critical thinking questions are the questions we should have asked before deciding. In this guide, questions are listed to help you decide better.

The standard definition of entropy is a tepid affair. My stepdads passing offers an astonishing and horrifying example of entropy in action.

3. Insights

A quote…

“Visionary decision-making happens at the intersection of intuition and logic.”

― Paul O'Brien

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A question…

How confident are you of getting the outcome your decision is seeking, and why?

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An idea…

We make decisions about goals all the time.

The problem is we focus less on the process of how we can achieve them. The journey matters more than the outcome. Instead of setting goals, create rules.

Set rules to make your process less negotiable.

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