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1. New for you…

Are You Big in Your Little World, or Little in a Big World?

"It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

The anarchist, Henry David Thoreau spoke wisely when explaining the difference between our senses and perception. His point is this; our senses see the truths of life, but it is our perception of them that creates the narrative we tell ourselves. What life is, as in what we see and perceive can be completely different.

This brings me back to our place in our world.

Our senses, through the power of sight and sound, show us we are little in a big world. Our perception paints a view where we are big and our world is little.

Why does this matter?

When we make a decision, we make it in the face of incomplete information.

Our world is uncertain. There is a vast amount we don’t know, but rather than face this inconvenient truth, we chase certainty and accept predictions as gospel. We demand more certainty, as our perception of life takes hold.

In truth, we know this.

We see it, but the majority ignore it, preferring perception as it’s more comforting.

There is a way to overcome this deflection of the truth, and it lies within this question—Are You Big in Your Little World, or Little in a Big World?

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The days we have left is a reflection on my stepdads passing and why I've realised we should live every day like it's our last.

3. Insights

A quote…

“A decision unmade is still a decision. It won't go away. Neither will problems or more options.” ― Emily Grabatin

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A question…

If I say yes, what are the consequences of my decision?

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An idea…

Your life warrants a strategy.

But, that isn't some pipedream of becoming rich. Instead, make it real:

• Diagnose the challenge.

• Outline your goal and summarise the journey

• Define the steps you need to take to make it happen

Now, you have a strategy.

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