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1. New for you…

Indecision: How to Overcome It and Escape No Man's Land

Indecision is the no man’s land of decision-making. No one wants to be there, but most of us end up there at some point in our lives.

It’s the home of the undecided.

Frozen in place, choices pull them first one way, then the other. The middle marker on the tug of war rope knows this place so well. Never one way or the other does the marker go. For the undecided, the tease of one outcome on one end, another at the other end. Indecision, the home of the middle marker is often the winner.

It’s that horrible place where decisions get left unmade.

Of course, decisions left unmade are decisions in themselves. The undecided have unknowingly decided, though it’s not a decision they’ve made.

Escaping no man’s land and overcoming indecision comes down to having a process of knowing how to decide.

Before we learn how to escape this unwelcome space, we should take the time to understand what causes indecision. Why do we freeze, caught between choices of outcomes we can’t control? What stops us from deciding? If we can remove those, then deciding becomes easier and we have a way to escape the darkness of no man’s land.

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Your feelings are temporary. It means you shouldn't be eager to make permanent decisions - a point I highlight along with a mental model to help.

Non-binary decisions are more powerful than simple decisions ending with yes or no. Here, I explain why non-binary decisions improve decisions.

3. Insights

A quote…

“Don't forget, when you refuse to make right choices, you have already chosen to live the wrong way! Indecision is a decision to live wrongly!” ―Israelmore Ayivor

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A question...

Is this a reversible or irreversible decision – and if it is reversible, how?

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An idea…

Indecision suggests a lack of clarity.

Clarity comes from understanding, but understanding what? What are your ‘first principles’? The fundamental truths about you explain your interests and desires.

Could you explain yours to a five-year-old?

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