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3 Observations to Help Get Ahead of the Consequences of Your Decision

Edition 59 — read on     |  February 22nd, 2022

Happy thinking Tuesday!

Here is one quote, one question, and big idea to challenge the way you make decisions and improve your life.

A quote…

“Failing to consider second- and third-order consequences is the cause of a lot of painfully bad decisions, and it is especially deadly when the first inferior option confirms your own biases. Never seize on the first available option, no matter how good it seems, before you’ve asked questions and explored.”—Principles: Life & Work by Ray Dalio

A question…

Every action has a consequence and that consequence becomes an action, thus repeating the process.

To consider this when deciding, simply ask:  And then what?

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A big idea…

Actions have consequences.

Without taking the time to think, you ignore the second-order effects. You limit information to your biases & assumptions. Without realising it—you are making a bad decision.

Actions have consequences, so don’t ignore them—actively consider them.

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Keep on making great decisions!

Darren Matthews

Founder, The Resolve Blog

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