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3 Reminders of Why You Need to Avoid Temporary Feelings When Deciding

Edition 67 — read on     |  April 19th, 2022

Happy thinking Tuesday!

Here is one quote, one question, and big idea to challenge the way you make decisions and improve your life.

A quote…

“In the space between stimulus (what happens) and how we respond, lies our freedom to choose. Ultimately, this power to choose is what defines us as human beings. We may have limited choices, but we can always choose. We can choose our thoughts, emotions, moods, words, our actions; we can choose our values and live by principles. It is the choice of acting or being acted upon.” —Stephen R. Covey

A question…

  • How will you feel about this decision in ten minutes?
  • How will you feel about this decision in ten months?
  • How will you feel about this decision in ten years?

Three questions, each a reminder of how temporary now is.

A big idea…

Feelings are powerful.

When deciding, there is nothing more damaging than emotion. Emotions evade logic. A decision without logic is a poor choice.

Find ways to step beyond your temporary feelings.


Temporary feelings are emotional thoughts flowing through our minds all the time.

Even though we know this, we still make bold permanent decisions when we shouldn't. We know our feelings are temporary. Intuition takes control, ignoring the danger of deciding with our feelings.

Logical thinking is rarely intuitive.

Armed with this knowledge gives us an opportunity—because we have a choice. We can decide with temporary feelings—or—we can seek a safer mindset before making a permanent choice.

To be clear:

  1. Our feelings are temporary. We don’t have to react to our emotions immediately.
  2. Permanent decisions need us to be rational, calm and control of what we can control.

How we feel changes all the time. Most of our feelings are temporary, fleeting thoughts. They change as our environment changes. It isn't what other people say or do, our feelings change with our energy levels.

Given how temporary our feelings are, it seems foolish to make any type of a decision, let alone a permanent one. So, given our need to decide, it would be better to try and manage our passing thoughts with less emotion, as you’ll see.

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Darren Matthews

Founder, The Resolve Blog

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