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3 Simple Reminders to Help You Become a Better Critical Thinker

Edition 69 — read on     |  May 10th, 2022

Happy thinking Tuesday!

Here is one quote, one question, and big idea to challenge the way you make decisions and improve your life.

A quote…

“The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks.”—Christopher Hitchens

A question…

How can I give myself time to reflect and think deeply about this decision?

Maybe we all need to slow down a little bit.

A big idea…

Beware the danger of your tunnel vision.

Yes, we all look through tunnel vision glasses when deciding. To escape the tunnel vision, we need different perspectives. We need a period of critical thinking to consider different viewpoints.

That’s the power of critical thinking.


The Ideal Thought, Action and Outcome Every Critical Thinker Wants

In our fast-paced world, being a critical thinker is hard.

The pressure to conform is strong. Opinions can force us to accept false information. Acceptance hides under the vale of the bully as they blur the lines between fact and opinion.

When Elon calls for freedom of speech, what he values more is freedom of thought.

An independent mind is free to think.

And it is here the distinction becomes clear. For it isn’t what we think, but how we think that matters. This embodies the power of critical thinking. The freedom to question, to be contrarian—this is the perfect starting place for critical thinking.

It is here every critical thinker should begin.

Speed challenges our ability to think critically.

Life is getting faster. The internet makes communication easier and subsequently quicker too. What we haven’t been able to do is make our thinking quicker. We end up not thinking problems through properly and making hasty decisions when we shouldn’t.

Just because our tools have become quicker, it doesn’t mean we have to become quicker.

Asking—and giving yourself time to reflect and think deeply about a decision isn’t a weakness.

It’s a strength.

It brings home the understanding of how vital the act of considered thought is. No problem is ever solved without proper reflection.

Perspectives improve decisions.

The perfect outcome for a critical thinker rests with a shifting of perspectives.

Our perspectives are often frozen in time. We can’t see outside of our tunnel vision as our internal voice moans how difficult the problem is. All we have is one view—and it is stopping us from moving forward.

The worst outcome for every critical thinker is when tunnel vision takes hold.

It’s often the outcome that follows groupthink and a rushed consideration of a problem.

Consider arriving with an independent mind.

Consider arriving with time to reflect and ponder the problem.

Now your mind is free to see alternative perspectives. It’s free to challenge assumptions and step away from the opinions of others.

This is the utopia every critical thinker wants.

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Keep on making great decisions!

Darren Matthews

Founder, The Resolve Blog

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