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The Beginners Guide to Decision-Making: How to Make Good Decisions

Learn to improve the way you think about making decisions.

on this page:

What is a Good Decision?

Let me explain what a good decision is. A good decision is one where we use the available information in conjunction with some action to achieve a desirable outcome. We frequently describe a bad outcome as a bad decision without grasping the difference. This page explains decision-making from a beginner's perspective and highlights some practical ways to improve your decision-making.

A Beginners Guide to Decision-Making

No-one teaches you to make decisions. It isn’t a subject at school or college, which is bizarre when you think about it. So, where do you begin? Well, to start with, we need to re-visit the fundamentals and start from first principles. The articles below form a beginner's guide—a ground-up approach which is informative to you regardless of your skill level in decision-making.

The Foundations of Choice: Making Decisions from First Principles: Every choice feature three foundational elements, which we often forget when deciding. This article explains what constitutes a decision and breaks down a decision to its basic fundamentals.

It's Your Principles That Matter: Of course, every decision stems from the consolidation of the three elements described above. But, just like the home you’re living in, these foundations are underpinned by something just as important. Within the world of decision-making, this underpinning is performed by your principles. In this article, I explain why your principles matter.

What We Get Wrong About Information When Deciding: One of the great dangers of decision-making lies within the information we process. The metagame of decision-making describes how we obsess over the processing of information. So much so, we lose sight of the actual information. This article explains what get wrong about information when deciding.

How to Make Good Decisions and Avoid Bad Ones

Making good decisions means understanding how we can help ourselves or hinder ourselves. We can make use of the way the think intuitively to improve our choices. This means we can make decisions quickly without letting overthinking delay action. Equally though, our intuition isn’t perfect and can open the door to decisions we probably don’t want to make.

You can learn more by browsing the following articles.

All Decision-Making Articles

A notion decision journal template box.

There is a Better Way to Decide

The exact template I use to make decisions and learn from thus helping me improve future choices.

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