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Decision Growth: How to Improve Your Life One Decision at a Time

Darren Matthews
March 15th 2022
Table of Contents

Why Focus on One Weekly Decision?

Every day you make thousands of what seem like inconsequential decisions. In reality, every decision changes your future—you just don’t know which make the biggest difference. The fallout of these ‘inconsequential decisions can leave you feeling frustrated, angry, disappointed, and so on. So, how do you stop this from happening?

You need to improve the quality of your decisions. But that isn’t easy. When you’ve tried to change in the past, you inevitably end up doing what you’ve always done.

One Weekly Decision is a newsletter designed to help you improve your life, one decision at a time. Each email takes decisions you face everyday, and helps you see different perspectives, insights, and wisdom to help you improve the choices you make.

Improve your life, one decision at a time.

A Beginners Guide to One Weekly Decision

Each edition of the One Weekly Decision newsletter focuses on one aspect of decision-making you can implement in your life. You can’t expect to suddenly change from making bad decisions to good decisions over night. That change takes time and it is best to work on one aspect at a time—hence the name. To get you started, I’ve highlighted three of my favourite editions, which you can find below.

Schedule Your Sleep:  Digesting the biography of Benjamin Franklin revealed a key secret to his success—he scheduled his sleep. In this short email, I explain why we should all do the same.

Direction, Not Speed: Shane Parrish has an excellent set of life principles. In this email, I look at why direction, not speed is the key ingredient to a good life.

Find The Fundamentals: I’m strong advocate of first principles thinking. In this email, I take three ‘first-principles thinkers’ and reveal an element of their success.

How to Improve Your Life, One Decision at a Time

Just like James Clear and his atomic habits, there is a large weight of data to support seeking a 1% improvement every day. The compounding effect is powerful and worthy of adoption. The same is true with decision-making. Even making one decision better each week drives a powerful uplift in the quality of your decisions.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can do so here.

All One Weekly Decision Newsletters

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Learn to Make Smarter Decisions

Improve your decision-making skills with free 5-minute briefs on critical thinking, strategy and more.


A box featuring Your Decision Journal—a notion template.

Say Goodbye to Your Bad Decisions

The #1 Guided Decision Journal Notion Template

Your decisions define your life. So we created a 9-step decision journal to help you make the right choices from the start. It is the best way to say goodbye to bad decisions!
Make Better Decisions Now→Find out more
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