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Reading: The Best Books on Decision-Making

Darren Matthews
May 12, 2023
Table of Contents

Why You Should Read to Learn

Reading is a source of knowledge few appreciate. To draw from the experience and wisdom of others is an advantage many miss out on. This is surprising, given the attention reading gets in school. That said, reading is only one part of the solution. The other is to take what you’ve been reading and apply it. Practice and draw from your own experiences to craft your story.

The Best Books I’ve Read on Decision-Making

I want to share with you the best books I’ve read on decision-making. These articles reveal the lessons and insights I’ve drawn from each book. I’m also trying to share some context about how the lessons have shaped or changed my life.

The Biggest Bluff - 5 Key Takeaways for Better Decision Making:  You might think The Biggest Bluff is a book about poker, it isn’t. It is all about decision-making and I’ve highlighted 5 key takeaways to help improve your decision-making.

Black Swans; The Hard Truth of Life: A Black swan is, according to Nassim Nicholas Taleb an event that defines uncertainty. Here, I describe my own experience of dealing with one.

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