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April 11, 2023

Action Empowers Your Decisions

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Action drives decisions. Without it, choices are just thoughts.

Those thoughts will increase your levels of anxiety and regret, making you angry and fearful. Most people never escape the worry, and they’re stunted for life.

Those not trapped by anxiety or regret are likely to suffer another fate. We make decisions to create outcomes.  Our sense of entitlement often leaves us thinking the decision decides the outcome. We create a narrative where we convince ourselves that fate will see us through. (Unfortunately, we are the story we tell ourselves.)

Ask anyone about their best decision, and what they’ll tell you is an outcome that was good for them. They ignore how entropy can work for them or against them. They will also quickly bemoan the bad luck that’s befallen them when the outcome isn’t their choice.

They’ve simply forgotten about their locus of control.

In decision-making, action is within your locus of control. Your locus of control is your unique perception of the things that happen to you or the things you make happen. Once you start to see action as an element you control your view of decision-making changes. You’ll see the three parts of a decision and appreciate how action binds them together.

A decision begins with information. And it often ends with the outcome, which is a mistake we make.

Good decision-making ends with action.

It is the practical application of activity which combines the information you start with and the outcome you want to end with. Without the right processing of information—or a pre-conceived outcome, your decision won’t be a good one. But don’t let that distract you from what really matters.

Action is in your control. It reduces anxiety and regret. It changes the story we tell ourselves and prevents us from looking for something which isn’t ours yet.

That’s how action empowers decisions. That's why nothing matters more in a decision than the action you take.

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