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October 17, 2022

Tidy Your Life

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It’s a description you don’t hear very often about Ben Franklin.

He was tidy. Very tidy in fact. A look at his schedule reveals tidiness in every area.

He even made time to tidy his desk.

But it is more than a tidy desk, as it defined his ground-up approach to living. His schedule reflects just six different blocks—and one of those was sleep. He made time to relax. He made time to address powerful goodness—mainly prayer, meditation and breathwork. He made time to reflect, and he made time to learn.

Some will argue that in today’s ‘busy’ life, such tidiness of life is impossible to achieve. But as Ben said: “Lost time is never found again.”

It is clear this is the root cause of Ben’s desire to be tidy. You can never get time back. Those moments from your past are gone. They are memories—nothing more than events or thoughts that occurred in the past.

You can’t recover time.

But you can manage how you use time in the future. You can remove the impulsive urge to check Twitter. You can remove the doorway to a place where the arms of the clock spin freely.

It is your One Weekly Decision. It is time to tidy up your life. To schedule time for the important—and the unimportant—so that no time goes unwanted. And you should start from the ground up.

The ultimate foundation of a good life begins with sleep, so schedule it.

Do you reflect? Do you journal? Do you make time to learn? Do you make time to do deep work? Do you make time to relax and unwind from the busyness of life?

We both know the answer.

So, do what Ben did—and make a tidy life. It could be the pathway to a better life.

Thanks for reading.

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