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This Decision Journal is a template in Notion that organizes your decisions and their outcomes, helping you enhance the quality of your decision-making process.
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Embrace the Power of Good Decisions with Your Decision Journal!

Making impactful decisions in life and business is a skill that can be challenging to master.

By using a decision journal, you can revolutionize your decision-making process and enjoy the following positive benefits:

1. Boost your reputation as a decisive individual:
With a decision journal, you'll have a systematic approach to decision-making. Your ability to make informed choices efficiently will be obvious to your peers.

2. Stay composed and confident:
No more feeling flustered when you're faced with important decisions. Using Your Decision Journal provides a structured framework that helps you stay calm and composed, even in high-pressure situations.

3. Learn from your past successes:
Your decision journal allows you to document and review your previous decisions. It means you can replicate the decisions that led to positive outcomes. This way, you'll have a clear record of your successful strategies.

4. Separate decisions from outcomes:
Instead of getting caught up in the results, the decision journal helps you focus on the decision-making process itself. By doing so, you develop a stronger understanding of what factors contribute to good decisions, regardless of the outcome.

5. Save time and avoid information overload:
You don't need to endlessly search for more information to make better decisions. Your Decision Journal provides a concise and practical tool that guides you through the decision-making process, saving you valuable time.

Unlock your potential as an effective decision-maker. Experience the clarity and confidence that comes with making sound choices.

Say goodbye to bad decisions and embrace the transformative power of a decision journal today!

Stop Making Bad Decisions.
Start Making Good Choices.

Your Decision Journal gives you a clear roadmap to improve your decision quality, and helps you improve your future decisions.
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What's Inside?

Three sections for you to write about your decisions from beginning to the end.


Questions to get you thinking and writing about the decision ahead.


The moment you explain the outcome that happened and why it occurred.


Easy questions to help you learn from the past and improve the future.

Your Decision Journal Guide

Table of Contents

Here is what you'll find in the guide—in broad strokes.

Contents of Your Decision Journal Guide

What's inside

• Welcome
• The Dividing Line That Separates Good and Bad Decision-Makers
• Why Use a Decision Journal?
• How Do You Decide?
• The Upside to Slowing Down Your Decision-Making
• Using Your Decision Journal
• Step 1 - Decide
• Step 2 - Experience
• Step 3 - Learn
•The Fallacy Within Your Memories

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Who is this for? 

Your Decision Journal is for ideal for young adults who are finding themselves having to make big, important decisions in their lives.

What problem does this solve?

Important decisions need you to be clear with your thoughts and actions. Your Decision Journal helps you write about your decisions which brings you the clarity to decide.

What is the difference between journaling and Your Decision Journal?

A journal offers you the space to write, but it can be about anything and everything. Your Decision Journal captures your decisions as you decide, records your experience, and gives you the space to learn—letting you improve future decisions.

Why is this only available as Notion Template?

Notion is the all one workspace that leads you work with documents and tables in one space. Notion offers the right functionality for Your Decision Journal—and it's free to download and use.

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