What is The Risk of Doing Nothing?

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What is The Risk of Doing Nothing?

What is the risk of doing nothing?

We don’t ask this question often enough. Of course, there is a reason for this,

and it comes back to our assumptions.

We assume doing nothing risks nothing.

Oh boy, what a huge mistake this is to make. It is one we make repeatedly, as we live out our comfortable lives. Entropy ensures nothing stays the same, so either we change it, or others will force it upon us.

Consider the paint you patiently applied to the wall outside. Once it’s dry it won’t stay the same. The sun will warm it and dry it out, bleaching the colour and fading it over time. Then, the rain will fall, finding cracks for it to seep into. Once winter arrives the rainwater will freeze, splitting the dry crusty paint. The wall will never look the same, as it continues its battle with nature.

This is what happens when you do nothing.

We shouldn’t fool ourselves. Doing nothing is a myth and in the arena of making decisions, it is a thought we should hold onto with utmost effort. The question should supplement a statement; nothing stays the same, so what is the risk of doing nothing?

What would you prefer, having some semblance of control, or letting serendipity and entropy rule your life? Decisions come through choice; through the consideration of what lies in front of you. The past is the past. It won’t stay the same, it will change; accepting this will supercharge your judgments and help you make better decisions.

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