A New Blog; Introducing the Resolve Blog

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A New Blog – not just for you – but me as well.

I’ve been writing for some time now. If you’re a reader on Medium, then there is a chance you might have seen one of my articles. I’ve churned out many articles over the last few years, but I’ve felt increasingly distant from my audience. The requirement to meet the desires of publication owners – as well as the exact standards of the platform have been a hint that it was time to develop something new.

A new blog offered me an opportunity to develop my own audience – one that would support my thinking – and grow with me.

I have pondered on a blog for a while, I’ve studied many others and considered how I might develop something. The most important part of having an original blog is to know what you’re going to write about.

Within Medium, I covered a broad range of topics, from personal development, to leadership, and strategy. Interestingly, one theme runs through all of these.


The Resolve Blog

Decisions are life; they steer us, guide us, and make us hesitate, and more. Their outcomes impact on us daily – including the decisions we don’t know we’re making. Astonishingly, we make 35,000 decisions a day. And yet, there is no guide on making decisions. No one teaches us the right way to make a choice. We follow others – and we copy what they do.

So, that’s my niche. It’s a topic I have read and studied for a while – but I still have much more to learn. Then this leads me to the name, The Resolve Blog. Resolve is a synonym of decision and it also captures my need to learn more.

I’m excited by the niche I’ve chosen. It is going to allow to look at the following areas in much greater depth.

  • Cognitive Biases
  • Mental Models
  • The system we use to think

Of course, this takes can filter out into many areas. Strategy – both in life and business. Leadership, which is all about decision-making and development of our own personal selves.

A New Blog Means a New Newsletter

I’ve been collecting email addresses from my Medium posts, and I’ve done nothing with them. My collection has grown to a mighty twenty-two. It isn’t many, but it is a start. The new blog has given me the motivation to focus on growing this – and to that end I’m delighted to tell you about Your Weekly Resolve.

Your Weekly Resolve will hit inboxes every Tuesday. The focus will be on sharing the insights I’ve gathered on decisions – including all the areas I’ve previously mentioned.

I won’t be using it as a ‘promote your blog’ newsletter – it must be so much more than that. The competition is evolving quickly for bloggers to build their own audience.

I get it completely. The lessons of Facebook linger long over audience ownership. It was a motivator to start this blog.

Twitter – the home of developing thought

I’m also working on developing my presence on Twitter. With Facebook now a pay to play platform, twitter is evolving far below the dross of the usual celebrity users is a new network. Writers – entrepreneurs – and others – are all sharing innovative ideas and thoughts.

It feels exciting whenever I get the chance to check out my feed.

As a writer, I’ve been flippant of Twitter – and using it completely wrong. All of that has – and is changing. Come and join me – and others – as we continue to collaborate.

Concluding Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to read my first article. It is a short one, others in the future will be far longer and more concise as my writing practice improves.

I’m curious to see how you see decision-making.

Let me know on twitter or send me an email at darren@resolve.blog. I’d love to get your thoughts and ideas.

I see it as one of the most misunderstood parts of how our minds function. We’ve certainly learnt a lot – but there is much we don’t understand – let alone use to help make our lives easier. And more successful.

It is this I want to use to form the foundation of the resolve blog – a new blog to help with making decisions the right way.

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