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Critical Thinking: How to Question Your Beliefs to Improve Your Choices

Darren Matthews
April 13, 2023
Table of Contents

What is Critical Thinking?

Critical Thinking is the process of questioning information, opinions, or beliefs to get to the truth. Critical thinkers are seen as a rational and capable of solving problems. These critical thinking abilities help critical thinkers make effective decisions. In the act of decision-making, these critical thinking skills are the pursuit of context. Without context, decisions tend to flow from a failure to understand what’s going on. Thinking critically isn’t easy, which is why we don’t tend spend time doing it. Driven by a perception of busyness, we accept how the world works to make our lives easier. An objective analysis challenges what we might know as the status quo and helps solve problems and improve the way we do things.

Examples of Thinking Critically

Critical thinking is more than just asking questions. It is a method of deep thinking which focuses on a decision or problem. But the concept of creative and critical thinking manifests itself in ways that aren’t always apparent, as these articles show. These articles touch on areas of good critical thinking topics and highlight the value of thinking critically and how they can shift your perspective to improve your choices.

Be Ready for Anything: How to Think About the Worst Case Scenario Like a Pro:

There is a moment when it makes perfect sense to think about the worst case scenario, and that is with planning. It was a point Dwight Eisenhower offered with the planning and execution of the D-day landings.

How Thinking in Patterns Will Make You Think Better:

As you spend time thinking critically about the information you have, you will begin to see patterns. This article explains how thinking in patterns can help you think better.

The Best Critical Thinking Questions to Help You Get Ahead

The key to becoming a good critical thinker is to make sure you’re asking good questions. The quality of your questions is directly proportional to the quality of the answers. Every question has to stretch your imagination, challenge your assumptions, and help think deeply.

You can learn more by browsing the following articles.

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